Tianjin Jingwei Huikai Optoelectronic CO.,Ltd. was founded in 1999 in Tianjin, the biggest seaport and distribution center in North China. JWHK converted all net assets into shares and changed to a joint stock company on Dec thirtieth, 2008.
The production capacity is 4500T per year. The market share of aluminum magnet wire is about 50% in the electrical industry. The twist aluminum round wires used in Ultra-High Electrical Dry Reactor take more than 90% market share.
Not to stick to one pattern, give full scope to the talent; suit the talent for their position, suit the position for the talent.
Adhering to people-oriented policy, in pursuit of best company benefits, enlarging the company main business as the core, speeding up technical progress and meeting customer requirements as a starting point...
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